Welcome to my personal website!

Whoever you are , no matter I am offering you my heartiest regrets. There remains 99% probability that you are an unknown person to me as my friends and family do not know about my web home. And if you are so, I can guess that some random clicks or some wrong movement have sent you here ( because I am not a celebrity that people will search me using my name !). If you are not interested to go ahead anymore, I will be pleased considering that  you have visited my homepage at least. And if you are interested to visit my site, it will be my pleasure then.

This is my personal website. This site contains pages about myself, my family and my country. There is a blog also, though I am not a regular blogger. You can make a tour to these pages in my site. This site is open for all. So don’t hesitate and fly like a free bird. Last of all, don’t forget to write comment in my guest book.

Wish you a happy journey here . Enjoy it !