About Me

There are some unnecessary stuffs about me.

My Birthplace I was born in the beautiful city of Chittagong. We lived in a quiet, green and lovely place not far from the noisy town. I have passed my childhood in a fresh and clean environment with some friendly neighbors. I can still remember the great taste of fresh vegetables and fruits from my grandma’s orchard.

My Religion I am a Muslim girl and Islam is my religion.

My Hobby I am very much fond of reading story books. I learned  to read by reading the book of Tintin series. Later on, I read the first book of Tin Goyenda series by Rakib Hasan when I was in class one. I have finished the whole Feluda series (which consists of 32 books) by Sattyajit Ray by the time when I was in class three. Till now I read books whenever I get time. I also collect stamps, coins etc but reading books is my most favourite pass time.

My Likings I like to travel very much but people around me are not interested to travel! I also like to watch animated movies such as Monster’s Inc, Toy story, Madagascar etc. I am very much fond of playing games in my desktop computer. I also like to eat delicious foods prepared by my mother.

My Icons As I am a Muslim girl, it is easy for me enough to select our prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w) who is the ideal person to be followed as an icon. I also like prof. Abdullah Abu Syed, the founder of Bishyo Sahittyo Kendro. I like his personality and eye view. Besides, I like like my brother’s life style as he is my friend, philosopher and guide.

My Favorite Person My youngest uncle is my most favorite person in the world.

My Nature I can define myself as a cool minded person, who seldom gets angry. I love my country Bangladesh very much. I like to defeat any person on the debate relating my country or my religion. Besides I am very much fond of sleeping.

My Hidden Talents I think this point bears no use for me as I don’t have any talent, let alone the hidden one.